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Ministry of Health of Turkey
General Directorate of Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacy
SAKDER (Association of Contract Research Organizations)
Turkey Clinical Research Association AIFD (Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies)
EMA (European Medicines Agency) FDA (US Food and Drug Administration)
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An Introduction to Clinical Research in Turkey

Turkey has a significant potential in clinical research in the world and is a promising country. With investments of many pharmaceutical companies, now the country is playing a major role in clinical research environment as an emerging market over a decade. Demographically, Turkey has approximately 75 million population and the country consist of seven main regions. The homogeneity of the population and geographical condition of the country, make data obtained in clinical researches more significant since this data is capable of representing all over the world. Turkey has a huge potential in terms of conduct of Phase I-IV clinical studies and Post Marketing Observational Studies; there are 171 universities, 74 medical faculties, 1389 hospitals with over 290 million admissions annually and over 100.000 investigators. Number of clinical research experienced investigators is increasing day by day. Also there are over 30 R&D based pharmaceutical companies in the country.


Country Number of Clinical Trials Population (avr.-mio)
Turkey 1075 75
USA 64380 313
Germany 9398 81
France 8184 65
UK 7046 62
Israel 3751 7
Italy 5344 60
Spain 4755 46
Switzerland 2767 8
Poland 2880 38
Russia 2107 143
Greece 1272 11
As of 05 October 2012 (Ref:


There are two major organizations in Turkey acting in clinical research environment; One of them is Association of Contract Research Organizations (SAKDER) and the other one is Clinical Research Society (KAD). Web sites of these organizations are given above. There are mainly three metropoles in Turkey. These are; Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir. Ankara is also the capital city of the country in where also Ministry of Health of Turkey, General Directorate of Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacy is located. Additionally, there are ten more metropoles which have huge capacity in terms of clinical research. Below tables and graphics briefly provides demographic information on selected indicators about Turkey:

Turkey has many advantages for conduct of clinical studies. Main advantages are presence of well-equiped and high level of universtiy and state hospitals; well-trained and specialized clinicians, lower costs associated with ethical reviews, regulatory approvals and investigator compensation; and good success rates for patient recruitment.Beside Turkey has clinical research regulation and standardized guideliens in paralel with EU directives.

Both IRB/IEC and Competent Authority (MoH) approvals are necessary for initiation of Phase and Post Marketing studies. The usual turn over time for both approvals are 60 days. There are 78 IRB/IECs approved by Competent Authority in Turkey at the moment. Below table shows the cities where there are IRB/IECs and numbers of them

Name of City # of IRB/IEC
Adana 1
Afyon 1
Ankara 12
Antalya 3
Aydın 1
Bolu 1
Bursa 2
Çanakkale 1
Denizli 1
Diyarbakır 1
Elazığ 1
Erzurum 2
Eskişehir 3
Gaziantep 1
Hatay 1
Isparta 1
İstanbul 19
İzmir 6
Kahramanmaraş 1
Kayseri 2
Kırıkkale 1
Kocaeli 1
Konya 4
Malatya 1
Mersin 1
Muğla 1
Rize 1
Sakarya 1
Samsun 1
Sivas 1
Tekirdağ 1
Tokat 1
Trabzon 1
Van 1
Highlighted cities are three main metropoles in Turkey


Below tables illustrate general demographic indicators of Turkey on health area:


Reference: Turkey Health Statistics Almanac - 2011

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